Meeting Minutes

(NOTE: The minutes for each meeting are listed sequentially.)

Spicewood Neighborhood Association Organizational Meeting

Minutes (recorded by John Kennedy)

Meeting started at 7 PM November 5, 2013 in the Sherwood Oaks Christian Church.

Approximately 20 – 25 residents of Spicewood attended the meeting.

John Kennedy chaired the meeting.

John Kennedy provided a brief the history of previous neighborhood associations in Spicewood. He then described the efforts of the current organizing committee. The committee was developed from an initial effort led by Sandy Sabbagh to replace the dying crabapple trees in Spicewood. A group of neighborhood residents contacted homeowners about tree replacements and then worked with the City Forester to replace the dying trees with new trees. This group also organized a neighborhood picnic in summer 2012. Following the picnic, the organizing committee continued to meet to develop bylaws and plan for additional activities, including the organizational meeting.

Vickie Provine from the City of Bloomington’s Housing and Neighborhood Development office (HAND) provided a number of reasons for neighborhood organization. These include recognition by the City along with support for neighborhood activities; the types of grants that are available to neighborhoods; and the role of neighborhood associations in City planning activities.

John Kennedy presented the background for the bylaws. One correction was made to the bylaws available at the meeting that were different from the draft bylaws available on the neighborhood website – ( The word “voluntary” was not included in the print version in Article II. A number of residents asked questions about the intent and scope of the bylaws. It was mentioned that the association has no legal standing, so the bylaws have no legal implications. The reasons for the association and the bylaws were discussed for some time. The bylaws were passed by all attending with one nay vote.

The executive committee was selected: John Kennedy, Mark Webb, Sandy Sabbagh, Deb Wilson, Shirley Megnin, and, Amy Anderson.

The open discussion focused on a number of activities. Some residents want more explanation from Vectren about the proposed vegetation clearing near the high pressure gas pipeline that goes through Spicewood. A spokesperson from Vectren will be invited to the later association meeting. Other activities discussed included neighborhood picnics, ice cream socials, freecycle exchanges, and holiday activities.

The meeting adjourned at 8:01 PM.

Spring 2014 Spicewood Neighborhood Association Meeting

April 8, 2014

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

  1. The meeting began at 7:35. Sixteen Spicewood and Spicewood II residents participated in the meeting.
  2. The meeting focused on the application from the Spicewood Neighborhood Association to the City of Bloomington for a Neighborhood Improvement Grant. If approved, the grant would fund signs and landscaping for the entrances to Spicewood and Spicewood II. John Kennedy described the application process and the procedures used to develop the grant application. Some questions were raised about the long-term maintenance of the signs and landscaping and the possibility of vandalism.  The meeting participants expressed strong favor for the application. A motion was raised, seconded, and unanimously approved to support the application.
  3. The Monroe County Public Library was invited to apply to the Duke Energy Foundation for grant to fund Little Neighborhood Libraries (  John Kennedy described the little libraries and the grant process.A few questions were asked about the procedures. Two residents volunteered to locate the library boxes on their properties and one resident tentatively y agreed to help build the box, if Spicewood is given funds for the library. The meeting participants supported the location of little library in Spicewood. (NOTE: John Kennedy contacted Sara Laughlin, the Library Director, and she will include Spicewood as possible location if the grant is funded.)
  4. A short discussion was held about possible neighborhood activities including: a neighborhood picnic in September, an ice cream social, a neighborhood swap, and neighborhood garage sale. A meeting participant mentioned that the neighborhood association that focuses on neighborhood activities rather than neighborhood problems is more likely to be successful.
  5. John Kennedy reported on an email conversation with Lee Huss (City Forester) about the recent tree cutting by Vectren over its high pressure gas distribution pipeline along Round Hill Lane. Lee Huss said that four new trees will be added to Spicewood this spring and that if residents desired tree to contact him or a member of the Spicewood Neighborhood Association Executive Committee.
  6. John Kennedy reported on his email communications with City attorney Patricia Mulvihill about the legal issues regarding the abatement of weeds and other issues at 2611 Round Hill Lane.
  7. Sandy Sabbagh reported on her discussions with the realtor who is handling the sale of the property at 2526 Spicewood Ln. Amy Anderson further described some of the problems with the property.
  8. John Kennedy described the communications media used to communicate neighborhood news and Spicewood Neighborhood Association activities. The Facebook page ( is used for general announcements and is open for all to post. The Spicewood Neighborhood Association website ( is used for the Association documents. The Googlegroups listserv has approximately 65 members and is used for timely announcements. Amy Anderson is investigating better programs for sending neighborhood messages. She is also interested in creating a neighborhood newsletter that would be in both paper and electronic formats.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40.


Minutes prepared by John Kennedy




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