Spicewood Neighborhood Association Bylaws 

Article I – Purpose

  1. The purpose of the Association:
  • to promote neighborhood interaction
  • to provide an organization to work with government agencies on issues related to the neighborhood and surrounding areas,
  • to monitor neighborhood problems and work on their resolution

Article II – Membership

  1. All residents of Spicewood I and Spicewood II are voluntary members of the Association

Article III – Executive Committee

  1. The Association activities will be managed by an executive committee. The committee will be composed of a chair, associate chair, and members. The chair and associate chair will be elected by the committee members.
  2. The executive committee will be selected at an annual meeting of the Association.
  3. All members are eligible for the committee and to participate in the selection of the committee.
  4. The executive committee will have at least five and no more than 11 members

Article IV – Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

  1. Organizing the annual meeting of the Association
  2. Planning and organizing neighborhood activities
  3. Communicating issues related to the neighborhood to the members
  4. Monitoring possible neighborhood problems
  5. Working with government and other agencies for the benefit of the neighborhood
  6. Appointing ad hoc committees as needed

Article V – Meetings

  1. The Spicewood Neighborhood Association will have at least one meeting each year to select the executive committee and other business as determined by the executive committee or the Association members
  2. The executive committee will  plan and organize other meetings and activities to promote neighborhood cohesion and to address neighborhood issues
  3. The executive committee will meet at least once each quarter to plan meetings and activities and to discuss neighborhood issues

Article VI – Dues

  1. The Association will decide the dues structure at an annual meeting
  2. If appropriate, the executive committee will be responsible collecting dues and using them for neighborhood activities

Article VII – Amendments

  1. Amendments to these bylaws may be approved at a meeting of the Association.

Approved: November 5, 2013


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