Meeting Summary

The meeting started at 7:05

  • Approximately 30 – 35 neighborhood residents attended.
  • City Council members Dave Rollo, Andy Ruff, and Steve Volan attended.
  • The meeting started with the introductions of the current executive committee members.
  • Much of the meeting was a discussion of the pedestrian safety and vehicular traffic on Sare Rd. Dave Rollo summarized the cost issues, sources of funds, and possible options for improving pedestrian safety.
  • The challenges of a side path from Buttonwood to Moore’s Pike were discussed but it could not be funded for a few years.
  • Dave Rollo is going to support our recommendations for improving pedestrian safety.
  • The vehicular traffic issues on Sare Rd were also discussed but not resolution was found.
  • Nick Hawes summarized the current status of Smithville offering to provide fiber service to Spicewood. The neighbors asked numerous questions, the installation process was described, and the City Council members provided information about the City’s plan for city-wide fiber installation.
  • The executive committee for next year was selected. The members are John Kennedy, Sandy Sabbagh, Andrew Houlne, Brian Roberts, Mark Webb, Shirley Megnin, and Roger Goetz.
  • The meeting adjourned at 8:30.

The Spicewood Neighborhood Association thanks Dave Rollo, Andy Ruff, and Steve Volan for attending the meeting, listening to our concerns, and providing information on the City’s processes for improving sidewalks and roads.