Spicewood Neighborhood Association Winter Meeting

December 8, 7:00 PM

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

Attendance: 23 residents of Spicewood I and Spicewood II

 Meeting Summary

  1. Carmela Garcia from ReStore gave a short presentation about ReStore’s services and their need for materials and volunteers, especially when students are not in town. Call 812 331 2660 for more information.
  2. Update on Spicewood Signs: The sign installation has been delayed by changes in the City’s contracting procedures. Currently, the funds for the signs and landscaping are encumbered for the next fiscal year. In January, the signs and installation will be on the Board of Public Works agenda for its approval. Assuming all goes as expected, the signs should be installed in spring.
  3. Update on the Little Free Library: The Library is ready for installation but the site chosen for the Library had too many tree roots to install the Library post. The executive committee will discuss alternate locations when it meets early next year.
  4. Update on The Lakes Neighborhood: The developers are working with the County Plan Commission on approval for the overall design. More information is available on their website – http://lakesneighborhood.com/.
  5. Online communications: There was a fairly extensive discussion about setting up and maintaining a NextDoor website for Spicewood. NextDoor is a password-protected neighborhood website that is limited to Spicewood residents only. The Bloomington City Police Department will use Nextdoor to communicate with neighborhoods. There was unanimous agreement that Spicewood should have Spicewood Nextdoor site and that all neighborhood residents should be invited to join it. Information about NextDoor can be found at https://help.nextdoor.com/ and in this document – Info about Nextdoor.
  6. Update on Spicewood finances: Early next year, the executive committee will open a checking account for the Association. The EIN needed for the account has been obtained. The funds donated at the picnic will be deposited in the account. The Association is part of the Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) which allows use of the CONA 501c3 status. Future purchases can be made tax-free and donations to theAssociation will be eligible for tax deductions.
  7. Executive Committee – the current executive committee members (John Kennedy, Sandy Sabbagh, Mark Webb, Shirley Megnin, and Amy Anderson) were selected for another term.

The meeting adjourned at 8 PM.